California Fire Extinguisher Service, Fire Sprinklers and Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

OS&Y Brass Stem Protector

Our newest Brass Valve Protector Anti Theft Device
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OS&Y brass stem protector

  Amerex B500
  Rating 2A:10B:C
  Buy B500 Fire Extinguisher


  Amerex 423 20lb
  Rating 10A:120B:C
  Buy B500 Fire Extinguisher


  Amerex B417T 2.5lb
  Rating 1A:10B:C
  Buy B500 Fire Extinguisher



  Fire Inspection Forms Fore Extinguisher Cabinet Forms

Fire System Inspection Forms

Click any link to DOWNLOAD; 

*AES1.pdf View
AES1_fillable.pdf View

*AES2.pdf View
AES2_fillable.pdf View

*AES3.pdf View
AES3_fillable.pdf View

*AES4.pdf View
AES4_fillable.pdf View

*AES5.pdf View
AES5_fillable.pdf View

*AES6.pdf View
AES6_fillable.pdf View

*AES7.pdf View
AES7_fillable.pdf View

*AES8.pdf View
AES8_fillable.pdf View

*AES9.pdf View
AES9_fillable.pdf View

Cabinet Order Forms

Click any link to DOWNLOAD; 

*1700 Cabinets.pdf View
1700 Cabinets_fillable.pdf View

*Alta series.pdf View
Alta series_fillable.pdf View

*Buena Series.pdf View

*Dana series.pdf View

*Loma series.pdf View










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