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The AMRC-500 is a 5# Automatic manual pull system. The bottle is made of aluminum, the dimensions are 17.25″ X 4″, and weighs 10lbs.

Each AMRC has one 5′ flame-resistant, flexible, stainless steel reinforced line with a 170 degree thermal activator, thermal activators can for from 155 degrees up to 286 degrees.

FIREBOTTLE discharges completely. You don’t fight the fire. FIREBOTTLE does.
FIREBOTTLE acts without delay. Stops it at the start.
Our chemicals does not obscure vision, nor impede actions of driver or safety crews.
No chemical residue, nor costly clean up, and is electronically safe.
All bottles are DOT approved and FE-36 systems are SFI certified(except all Compact Systems).

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Weight160 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 17.25 in


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