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Fire Bottle System

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Racing involves extremes from speed to temperatures. FFP Racing is here to make your drive safer and more enjoyable. Supplying Firebottle which can prevent fire damage in racing vehicles as well as CoolShirt, which keeps race car drivers cool behind the wheel.

FFP Racing is the authorized West Coast Distributor of racing for Firebottle and CoolShirt Systems. Quality Products, Installation, Inspection, and Service. Purchase Firebottle and CoolShirt Systems products from us and get a discount on your Inspection Service Plan!

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Fire Bottle System

Firebottle Racing

Racing Helment and Gloves

FFP Racing is the authorized West Coast Distributor of racing for Firebottle. Quality Products, Installation, Inspection, and Service.

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The Hazards of Racing


One of the ever-present dangers in racing is fire. With onboard fuel and electrical systems as well as the heat that can build up within the engine bay, it doesn’t take long for a fire to take hold and tear through a vehicle. Although the motor racing industry has made huge advances in protecting drivers from injury in crashes, the danger posed by fire has not lessened much over the years.

Race cars are designed with a lot of precautions in place to prevent a fire from breaking out and from spreading if a flame does spark. The reality of it is that someone is enclosed in a small area with a large amount of flammable liquid, all traveling at 200mph. That is why when a fire does occur, it’s important to have the right back up systems in place to quickly extinguish the flames.

How Firebottle Can Help


Firebottle is a fire suppression system which sends the SFI-approved DuPont FE-36 extinguishing agent to extinguish fire where and when intended. Firebottle systems act without delay, helping to minimize the risk and damage caused by the fire. The Clear DuPont FE-36 does not obscure vision and does not hinder the sight of the driver or onsite safety crew. The Firebottle fire suppression systems can be used in all types of racing vehicles include NASCAR, NHRA/IHRA, Busch, Craftsman Tricks, and many others.

Firebottle leaves no chemical residue, which means there is no costly cleanup. What’s more, all bottles are DOT approved and FE-36 systems are SFI certified (excluding all compact systems

Racing Helment and Gloves
Formula Race Car

CoolShirt Systems

Formula Race Car

FFP Racing is the authorized West Coast Distributor of racing for CoolShirt Systems. Quality Products, Installation, Inspection, and Service.

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Stay Cool with CoolShirt


Race car drivers don’t just have to contend with high speeds, challenging tracks, and hot competition. Many drivers can experience cockpit temperatures that reach burning temperatures, which can cause overheating, fatigue, and stress on race day. CoolShirt allows race car drivers to stay cool, comfortable, and alert while behind the wheel. Specially designed shirts help to reduce heat around the shoulders and torso, can last the length of the race (and beyond), and are able to withstand the high temperatures generated by the race car.

How Does the Shirt Work?


CoolShirt is a cooling engine vest that circulates chilled liquid around the body throughout staging and races, preventing dehydration and helping drivers to focus on the course. The CoolShirt contains more than 45 feet of medical grade capillary tubing which can cover up to 40 percent of the body to cool down and keep cool. In racing, staying cool offers a competitive edge. That is why many drivers can benefit from CoolShirt systems.

How can I tell that the shirt is working?


The shirt is designed to keep the driver cool rather than make them cold. The system is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature, and this temperature can be adjusted via the temperature controller on the insulated hose. Whether you just need to stay cool or your cabin temperature rivals that of an oven, CoolShirt can ensure that your competition is the only one sweating.