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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Unit

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Fire Sprinkler Unit

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Fire Sprinkler System

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  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Thermal & Smoke Detection Systems
  • Aspirated Smoke Detection Systems
  • Emergency Warning & Intercommunication Systems (EWIS)
  • Fire Doors
  • Deluge & Water Spray Water Mist Systems
  • Exit & Emergency Lighting
  • Annual Safety Survey & Certification
Fire Sprinkler System
Fire Suppression Unit

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Fire Suppression Unit
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How A Sprinkler System Works


In a typical wet system, each fire sprinkler activates independently limiting the number of operating sprinklers to only those near the fire. A properly designed sprinkler system can contain or extinguish a fire before the fire department arrives resulting in less overall damage from smoke, fire and Fire Department hand- held hose lines. Besides their life/property saving benefits, fire sprinkler design and installations can be an economic benefit by reducting insurance premiums. At Frontier Fire Protection we can design, install and maintain your complete fire water sprinkler system. We are California’s premier water sprinkler company.

We Have a System for Your Specific Needs


Refinements to the basic sprinkler have yielded several "application specific" versions and a selection of complimentary designs including semi-recessed and concealed models in a variety of finishes including custom colors (for concealed models). We are the fire sprinkler company who can provide consultation to help you select the right system, with the highest quality and value to suit your specific needs.